2021 New Year's Day WORT Interview

On New Year's Day, Esty Dinur kicks off 2021 with a looking-back/looking-forward conversation with alder Rebecca Kemble, a longtime Madison organizer, water protector, labor activist, and housing advocate.

"The global humanity-wide challenge of a pandemic has really made us come to grips with fear. Some people have sunk deeper into fear, but a lot more people have reached out to each other, organized for family and community care and that’s really where my hope for the future is."

Click here to listen to the full hour.

Institutional Racism Makes Everything Worse

"Funneling more public funds to private entities that already get the lion's share of public investment and services is not the answer and sends one more message to Black people in Madison that their concerns take a back seat to downtown business interests."

Read Rebecca's full article in the Isthmus from July 2020.

In 2015 Rebecca was mentioned in an article by the Guardian. It's a good article looking at the progressive, pro-worker activism landscape after the signing of so-called 'right-to-work' in Wisconsin, so while her quotes are near the end of the article, please read through its entirety. It's inspiring to see the world take notice of progressive organizing done here in Madison!

Read the full article from March 2015 here.  


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