See Rebecca's League of Women Voters Questionnaire Answers!

At this page, you can see Rebecca's answers, as well as a variety of Madison candidates' answers, to pressing questions from the Dane County League of Women Voters about the upcoming election! 

You can see one of Rebecca's answers below the fold!

What is the most effective way for the city to allocate resources to address homelessness and racial inequality?

Homelessness and racial inequality are based on the historical, growing inequality of wealth in this country. If we are serious about confronting racial inequalities and dispossession we must address the root economic causes, and target resources to programs like the cooperative enterprise development initiative that will help people to earn real living wages and begin build wealth for their families. Short term, we can expand eviction prevention programs for those who are threatened with homelessness, and work on developing affordable, stable housing for people at risk for homelessness, and cast a racial equity lens on all city policies.

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