Some thoughts from fellow residents!

Check out some endorsement quotes from District 18 residents below the fold! These are pretty cool, if I may say so myself!

"Rebecca Kemble will be an excellent alder for the Northside. She is an intelligent, honest, caring person who gets things done because she works hard. To come into her home is to be welcomed warmly with friendship and humor by a loving family."

-Alder Anita Weier


"Rebecca Kemble could be the poster girl for the slogan “If you don’t like your neighborhood, don’t move—change it!” She is that special kind of person who doesn’t just talk about things that need to be done, she organizes the crew. When Lindbergh School was threatened with closing, Rebecca worked with the northside alders and interested parents to get that decision reversed. Later, when the school board pulled funding for all northside summer programming at a date too late for parents to make alternate plans because programs were already full, Rebecca organized a contingent of people to speak at a special school board meeting that included public hearings on a number of cuts. That meeting lasted until after midnight but the board decided to discuss two decisions before going home that night. Funding was restored for The Safe Haven program on the northside. And when Rebecca got involved with alders and our local assembly and senate officials to address healthy food choices, the Black Hawk Community Gardens became a reality.

Rebecca knows the northside as a life-long resident and activist. She understands that our vitality
depends on maintaining diversity through a wide spectrum of housing options and that economic development is critical. Growing businesses need to know about the northside and all it has to offer and residents need to feel empowered to start their own enterprises. She also respects our special northside ecosystems and how important they are to the quality of life we enjoy.

Members of the Madison Common Council sometimes forget that they are stewards of the entire city with special expertise in their own districts. Alders need to advocate for local issues but not at the expense of keeping the city moving forward. Rebecca is uniquely qualified to negotiate those waters through her work with cooperatives and mediation. Almost any situation can result in a win-win outcome if the parties stay focuses on the big picture.

We are proud to endorse Rebecca Kemble for City Council and hope you will vote with us April 7."

-Dan and Char Tortorice


"Rebecca has the experience, energy, and commitment to be an effective voice for good jobs, good neighborhoods, and protecting our land and water resources on the Northside and citywide. With her background in business, education, and nonprofits, she will bring unique perspectives to the Common Council." 

- Jan Axelson


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