Housing Stability

I will prioritize land use and housing solutions that ensure our neighbors living on fixed and low incomes aren’t left out in the cold.

Housing security is vital to individual, family, and community health, and key to addressing our glaring racial disparities in health, education, and generational wealth.Housing stability is critical to the Northside.

Homeowners shouldn't be priced out or burdened by skyrocketing property taxes. Affordable housing is needed for community health and to address our glaring racial disparities. I’ve been working for fair taxation, increased investment in land banking, investment in public housing, and working with community land trusts to add permanently affordable housing.


Community Safety

Police accountability is critical because the current model of policing exacerbates the racial disparities in our community, leading to lifelong trauma and loss of life, especially for those most marginalized.

I will continue to build partnerships and advance programs that make our neighborhoods healthy and safe. I view community safety holistically, understanding that when everyone’s basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and community are met we are all safer.

Through the collaborative efforts with the Northside Planning Council, neighborhood navigators and other community service providers, I helped develop the Northside Safe & Thriving initiative that supported violence prevention, peacebuilding and trauma-informed care activities in our neighborhoods

I have championed the expansion of Warner Park Community Recreation Center to add more space for youth activities and mentoring.


Open and Accessible Government

Advocating for open and democratic government is a top priority for me because it affects everything we do and how we do it. City government is our collective resource, funded mostly by our property taxes. It exists to take care of our collective needs and build on our collective aspirations. We need to ensure that residents have ready access to local proposals and have a meaningful voice in shaping policy.

I will push for changes that make our local government more open and accountable to you. As your Alder I have dedicated my time, energy and skills to learn the inner workings of city government and elevate the voices and concerns of Northsiders within it.


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