Cap Times : Our endorsements for City Council

Published in Cap Times: March 31, 2015

Written By: Cap Times Editorial Staff

The Madison City Council needs some new blood. While a number of fine incumbents — we have been particularly impressed with the work of Ledell Zellers (District 2), Shiva Bidar-Sielaff (5), Marsha Rummel (6), Paul Skidmore (9) and David Ahrens (15) — will be re-elected without opposition, the April 7 ballot includes several contests for open seats and several more where incumbents face able challengers. Our endorsements this year are made with an eye toward bringing fresh ideas, greater diversity and progressive values to the council.

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District 18: Rebecca Kemble

The northeast side would be well served by either Peng Her, a long-serving member of the City Economic Development Committee, or Rebecca Kemble, a veteran neighborhood organizer and activist. Our endorsement goes to Kemble because of her energetic coalition building and her bold vision for the northeast side and the city as a whole. Kemble proposes to prioritize precisely the right sort of development: the kind that empowers working families and strengthens the community. Rebecca Kemble would be a progressive council leader for neighborhoods and for social and economic justice.


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